[Qt-creator] QtCreator - RTL - DON'T

Diego Iastrubni diegoiast at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 18:46:17 CEST 2014

Hi all,

I loaded my old Debian machine with self compiled QtCreator (I am using an
old snapshot.... ) and today it loaded in RTL mode (as my desktop is in

This is bad because:
1) QtCreator is not translated to Hebrew, which now makes it English RTL (1)
2) Many parts of the UI do not support RTL.
 a - the control+k window is off screen
 b - The project tab is really broken (Shadow build entry for example)
 c - The top level tabs ("Build & Run", "Editor"..) are aligned to the left
Much more, but I don't feel the need to QA it.

Please don't. There is no target audience for this app which needs it
localized in Hebrew (I am not sure about Arabic or Farsi, if anyone of you
guys are here and want to comment, please do).

I know that the RTL layout is a side effect of new Qt libraries (which are
translated by Debian, or probably "upstream" is translating them right
now). But as a simple application - this is not acceptable. This just looks
bad and quite unusable.

(1) - to see what I see, run "qtcreator -reverse". This used to work in Qt3
and Qt4 and I am pretty sure is should work also on Qt5.

- diego
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