[Qt-creator] Creator iOS woes/feedback

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Thu Apr 2 16:39:28 CEST 2015

I made a similar post in interest, but this is not that post (though there is some overlap). I want to report the QtCreator specifics.
Backstory: We've been deploying to android, yesterday I did my first iOS build.

1. Instructions for Xcode are wrong. No longer are devices found under Window > Organizer, but Window > Devices. None of the remaining instructions make sense. I've been told by a iOS developer that they keep moving that device screen around Xcode.
2. The lack of documentation stating that you need to deploy a dummy project to the device in Xcode. 
 - This fixed the orange dot and made it green. 
 - This also set the correct bundle ID (com.XXXX). There seems to be a documented issue with Teams and QtCreator can't select between teams. Originally a test project with another com.YYYY was deployed, Xcode used that initially and complained it wasn't properly provisioned.

3. I have no idea where I can set Xcode to point to to control other aspects like LaunchImages and plist stuff.

Compared to Android the iOS experience is a bit lacking. With android, it's just a manifest, and you provide a handy manifest editor. :-)

I think a lot of my frustration would have been avoided by more up to date docs. 

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