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Hello Jason,

Sorry to hear that your experience with Qt Creator documentation was frustrating. 

Registering development devices at Apple is not really directly connected with Qt Creator. We added the instructions for one Xcode version (4.6.3) to point developers in the correct direction. But as you said yourself, Apple tends to change things in Xcode and it is not really feasible for us to keep up with them. Therefore, the documentation states the following:

"The process of configuring devices and the UI varies slightly depending on the Xcode version that you use. The instructions in this section describe the process and UI when using Xcode version 4.6.3."

Also, the connected state of the device should change to green (connected) after you configure the device using Xcode. Maybe you did that in the meantime and that's what changed the connected state? If you really had to deploy a dummy project (which should not work until the device is connected), that sounds like a bug and it would be great if you could report it.

For instructions on using Xcode, please read the Xcode documentation or use the Apple channels for support.



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I made a similar post in interest, but this is not that post (though there is some overlap). I want to report the QtCreator specifics.
Backstory: We've been deploying to android, yesterday I did my first iOS build.

1. Instructions for Xcode are wrong. No longer are devices found under Window > Organizer, but Window > Devices. None of the remaining instructions make sense. I've been told by a iOS developer that they keep moving that device screen around Xcode.
2. The lack of documentation stating that you need to deploy a dummy project to the device in Xcode. 
 - This fixed the orange dot and made it green. 
 - This also set the correct bundle ID (com.XXXX). There seems to be a documented issue with Teams and QtCreator can't select between teams. Originally a test project with another com.YYYY was deployed, Xcode used that initially and complained it wasn't properly provisioned.

3. I have no idea where I can set Xcode to point to to control other aspects like LaunchImages and plist stuff.

Compared to Android the iOS experience is a bit lacking. With android, it's just a manifest, and you provide a handy manifest editor. :-)

I think a lot of my frustration would have been avoided by more up to date docs. 

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