[Qt-creator] Creator gets confused on filenames

Typz thetypz at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 17:03:10 CEST 2015


This is the expected behavior on MacOS: the file system (hfs+) is by default not case sensitive like linux' ext2/..., but simply file preserving like on windows.

So Main.qml and main.qml are indeed the same file... But maybe QtCreator should be smart enough to detect this, and request another name.

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> On 6 août 2015, at 16:56, Jason H <jhihn at gmx.com> wrote:
> So this is a rather embarrassing bug. 
> I have a project using qrc for QMLs. I have a normal main.cpp and main.qml.
> I wanted to add a Main.qml. I realize this is a bit unconventional, but the main.qml is loaded by the main.cpp. The Main.qml is loaded by a loader element. All of this complies with what I think is correct and do-able and valid. 
> Now, when I created my Main.qml from inside creator... it replaced my main.qml with Main.qml. It actually filled the main.qml with the default Main.qml content.
> I don't understand why this is correct behavior. I would have thought that they would have been treated as separate files? OS is OSX.
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