[Qt-creator] Form Templates are compiled into Qt Creator ?

Jonas Eriksen Hjortlund JEH at pedax.com
Mon Aug 24 09:41:42 CEST 2015


Win 7 (64bit), Qt 5.5. mingw, Qt Creator 3.4.2

The Dialog Templates shown 
when Pressing File->New ->Qt ->Qt Designer Form Class 

Those files seems to live in 
Qt\Tools\QtCreator\share\qtcreator\designer\templates and
Enumerated in templates.xml

But even if I delete the whole folder, it is still shown in Creator ?!
and that seems to explain why adding a new one is 100% ignored and never listed.

So my questions are:
Can I add a new Form Template somehow ?

Are the external files something that was never fully implemented  or why does it include them
When it seems that Creator never loads them.

Thank you

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