[Qt-creator] 'Open Terminal Here' and login shell on Linux

Uwe Rathmann Uwe.Rathmann at tigertal.de
Wed Dec 9 09:35:01 CET 2015

On Tue, 08 Dec 2015 11:12:19 +0000, Hunger Tobias wrote:

>> My problem is that the shell isn't started as login shell and so the
>> .profile is not read and I would really like it to do so :)
>> Can I change it somehow?
> Only by changing the code:-) Or by playing clever tricks with the
> terminal arguments, but I doubt that will work as expected.

Sounds like there are initialization in .profile, that should go 
to .bashrc. Why not rearranging those initializations instead of trying 
to change the rules when they are processed.


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