[Qt-creator] Qml Designer does not always show QQuickItem

Wolfgang Baron wolfgang.baron at gmx.net
Thu Dec 17 11:09:32 CET 2015


> Von: "Hartmann Thomas" <Thomas.Hartmann at theqtcompany.com>
> I changed the .metainfo file to just this:

Thank you so much for this quick workaround. It does, of course mean, that I cannot use qmlplugindump in an automated process for generating .qmltypes files. I will have to make my development process a bit more cumbersome. I have found two issues with .qmltypes files in my projects, which I had to manually change. I had to delete:

- components imported from the Qt library (QQuickItem)
- components imported from other plugins of mine

Is help on its way to fix the bug, so that qmlplugindump generates something Qt-Creator can use without modification? As far as I see, qmlplugindump would only have to avoid printing components, which are imported from other plugins.

Although changing qmlplugindump would avoid the bug to appear on screen, I would prefer to know, that Qt-Creator will be improved, so that multiple definitions of classes will either be merged or an error message produced, that makes it clear, that the metainfo for a given class can only exist in one place. And I beleive a race condition is always worth fixing.

Thank you again for your kind help!

Wolfgang Baron

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