[Qt-creator] Submitting a plugin that does not follow the coding style

Oswald Buddenhagen oswald.buddenhagen at theqtcompany.com
Mon Jun 1 10:40:01 CEST 2015

On Sat, May 30, 2015 at 05:40:36PM +0200, Jochen Becher wrote:
> (1) A static library that implements the "modelling backend" (entities,
> persistence, diagrams, UI components)
> (2) A plugin that links the modelling backend with QtCreator (mostly a
> new editor for diagrams)
> (3) A tool to export diagrams to image files
> (4) A patch of projectexplorer supporting more drag&drop

> I can update (2) and (3) following the coding style guide ((4) already
> does).
yes, please.

> But (1) is pretty large and I want to avoid all those changes. Is that
> acceptable if I submit the library in src/libs/3rdparty?
size as such isn't an argument (the process can be mostly automated).
but if you are indeed maintaining that library independently of
qtcreator's existence, then it's by definition 3rdparty.

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