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yes, please file a bug report at https://bugreports.qt.io to avoid this issue isn't looked into.

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I tried searching through the QtCreator bug database and did not seem to find anything so I'll post here to see if anyone else is seeing these issues. These are both reproduced on OS X 10.8.5 and 10.9.x running Xcode version 5.

Arguments passed into a function/method by reference can not be inspected in the debugger view. For example:

void foo(QString &s); <== "s" would not show any value and can not be "disclosed" in the debugger view.

Sometimes (a lot of times) when the first break point is hit, using the keystroke or menu item to "step over" will just result in the debugger hanging. LLDB does not seem to drop into an infinite loop, it just seems to die a quiet death.

Both of these are with the LLDB and Clang included with Xcode for those operating systems. We are using Qt 5.4.1/5.4.2 on those platforms. Tested with the latest QtCreator 3.5 Beta.

I can put official bug reports if needed. Just wanted to make sure I did not miss something in the bug database.

Mike Jackson
BlueQuartz Software, LLC
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