[Qt-creator] QtEndian implementation question

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Fri Jun 26 01:19:55 CEST 2015


I was recently working on some code where I wanted to use the QtEndian
stuff. I noticed that the functions that take const uchar* seem to do some
unnecessary operations.

For example this function is defined on a little endian target.

template <> inline quint32 qFromLittleEndian<quint32>(const uchar *src)
    return 0
        | src[0]
        | src[1] * quint32(0x00000100)
        | src[2] * quint32(0x00010000)
        | src[3] * quint32(0x01000000);

The memory being pointed at is already in little endian order. Why not just
reinterpret_cast instead of performing several operations? Wouldn't that be
faster? What am I missing?

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