[Qt-creator] Bug reporting question for an issue that affects QtCreator but appears to be a generic Qt problem

Murphy, Sean smurphy at walbro.com
Tue Nov 10 15:19:13 CET 2015

So as I played around with it a little more today, I discovered that the behavior only exists if you call the static member function, with the show alpha channel option enabled.
  QColor QColorDialog::getColor(const QColor & initial = Qt::white, QWidget * parent = 0, const QString & title = QString(), ColorDialogOptions options = 0)

And use it like so: 
  QColor myColor = QColorDialog::getColor(QColor(255,255,255), QColorDialog::ShowAlphaChannel); // the ShowAlphaChannel part is key...

If you don't use the static member function and switch that line to the following:
  QColorDialog* dlg = new QColorDialog(QColor(255,255,255), this);
  dlg->setOption(QColorDialog::ShowAlphaChannel, true);

The problem disappears. So I guess that could be the QtDesigner work-around? But as you stated, that work-around doesn't really help QtCreator on its own unless it gets put into Qt.

Any tips on how better to get this addressed? I'm kind of shocked that this isn't causing problems for people beyond me, but given how long this issue has been around and the lack of votes for the issue, it appears that people aren't noticing it? Using the static member function is very convenient from a coding standpoint, but it doesn't seem to work correctly on the Mac. Maybe that just speaks to how few people are developing applications that play around with colors on Mac...


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