[Qt-creator] Providing a custom Kit in my own plugin

Filippo Cucchetto filippocucchetto at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 21:48:48 CEST 2015

Dear Olivier,
with "we can't break the C++ user workflow" i mean that if we decide to
modify the UI
or workflow in any way, we should care not to break the C++ user
experience. Since that
it's the aim of QtCreator. Nothing more.

My project is public available here,
It's still in the codereview phase and i've not implemented the nim
toolchain yet.
Right now i suppose that the Nim compiler it's installed and available in
the user PATH.

Regarding the compiler for Nim the things are slightly different because
it uses the system C/C++ compiler so in the Toolchain widget i've to show
the native compiler options plus Nim specific options.

Right now i don't have a clear idea in how to improve the Kit UI for adding
support for multiple languages.
I'll plan to start as you by creating a NimToolChainFactory,
NimToolChainWidget and NimToolChain.
As Rust with Cargo, Nim has its own dependency manager "Nimble" so i'll do
the same by
adding a KitInformation for it.

We are both in the same boat :)

2015-10-18 18:30 GMT+02:00 Olivier Renaud <o.renaud at gmx.fr>:

> Thanks for clearing things up.
> Based on your response, I carried on with my initial design choice (model
> Rust compilers as a ToolChain subclass), and I think it will work out well
> enough, even without filtering things out. The ToolChain API makes sense
> for a Rust compiler, except for the `predefinedMacros` method.
> What do you mean by "making sure not to introduce a regression for the
> C/C++ toolchains"? I interpret it as "things could blow up if user choose a
> Rust compiler for a C++ project", but I'm not sure that's what you had in
> mind.
> You will certainly hear from me very soon, when I'll get stuck for real!
> Olivier Renaud
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