[Qt-creator] Clang Code Model Questions

Mike Jackson imikejackson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 15:33:47 CEST 2015

I have been using the nightly builds of 3.5.1 and now 3.6.0 and it seems the editor is still running into hanging issues when the source file has anything other than trivial codes. I started trying to profile the code in an attempt to learn how/where the issue might be and if it is our own code base that is causing the issues. Most I have noticed is that “clangbackend” spins up and QtCreator hangs with a spinning beach ball for 5~10 seconds overtime I try to have a completion pop up. This makes the editor pretty much unusable.
  I still keep reverting back to a build of 3.5.1 on September 10 which has pretty snappy code completion (about 50% of the time) and the debugger works about 50% of the time (this is on OS X 10.10.5). I just wanted to try to get a feel for where QtCreator was going and what the timelines are so that I can gauge how I will develop codes going forward. I generally like what I see with the newer features being added to QtCreator and want to keep using it but our code base, for what ever reason, just seems to give the clang code model fits when trying to complete our functions.


Mike Jackson
BlueQuartz Software.

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