[Qt-creator] clang code model, markers and messages

Cristian Tibirna tibirna at kde.org
Fri Oct 30 16:34:22 CET 2015


First and foremost, a big hearty thanks for the great work that you did with 
this. I tried it once and again, but recently I found myself leaving it always 

Now: is the following happening only to me?

This is on Linux, with the yesterday-current master git branch.

I activated the clang code model for C++ source files. I start seen red error 
("stop" hexagons (why not octagons?)) on the left border of the editor at 
lines that contain C++ errors. 

Sometimes, I can get to the message associated to this marker by luckily 
floating the mouse over a part of the marked code line that happens to pop the 
clang error message rather than some type descriptor.

Other times, I find myself "peaking" at the code line with the mouse in the 
hope that the error message will appear, to no avail.

I wonder why the error message is not displayed when hovering over or clicking 
on the stop hexagons.

Or did i miss something?

Thanks a lot!

Cristian Tibirna
KDE developer .. tibirna at kde.org .. http://www.kde.org

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