[Qt-creator] Why QtC does not use QDockWidget for most tool-panel

Prav pr12og2 at programist.ru
Fri Apr 8 10:35:48 CEST 2016

>>>>> Currently there is no way to use QtC better if you have multiple monitors.
>>>>> That did improve somewhat in the last couple of versions. At least you can detach editor windows now.
>>>> In 4.0.0 rc1 snapshot April 6 I did not get how to detach editor. Could you explain which version and how?
>>> You can open additional editor windows since Qt Creator 2.8. Window > Open in New Window, or use the little button in the top-right corner of the editor tool bar.
>> But 2.8 is not like "the last couple of versions". It was meant somethings else ... or I am wrong ... this is it?
> There are more things on
> the todo list, including refinements of what currently is there but still feels not right/unfinished.
Where is this list?

>> This feature work also strange because this new windows are not part of "splits-list" and I can not do things like "follow in next split"
>> with this windows so they are like island ... non so usefull as splits.
> Can they be made part of this "splits-list" to make "follow in next split" work?
It looks like bug fo me. No?

>>>> Another help of using QDockWidget could be simultaneously edit code and edit widget-base-UI ... for ex. at second monitor I put
>>>> my UI editing panel-widget and on the main monitor code editor. Would not it be nice ?!
>>>> Because all current switches from UI to code and to UI back and to code again are so on ... let's say ... frustrating.
>>> You currently cannot put the UI editor into a separate window, but you can put your code into a separate window.
>> Try  it ... currently it is implemented so that it makes no sense. Like as soon as you switch to edit code in separate window you loose widgets-UI
>> visibility ... which is like ... WHY?!
> Right, forgot about that.
This is what you and others naturally expect from separate code editing. But this modes ... they restricts every freedom for multimonitor configuration.
> This doesn’t have anything to do with using dockwidgets or not, though.
Well ... why not to speak about making UI-editing as DockWidget ... in this case it has.

>> You can rearrange and pull out the individual panels in design mode, and in debug/analyze mode.
>> Yeeeees ... this is the questions ... why not to make all panels like this? Who will be hurt if all pannels will be moveble?
>> If someone like default way ... do no rearange them. That is it.

> Debug/Analyze/Design mode have gone through a longer evolution of
> hacking around QMainWindow+DockWidget. Just using plain
> QMainWindow+DockWidget was and is not really an option (adds too
> much UI clutter for normal use
Have you seen how for example photoshop solve this?
You  have  modes  is  sense  of  layout profiles (I mean which widget are show and where they are) ... and while you can switch
modes like for different common tasks this gives you a possibility to show any window side by side with any other window.
Which can potentially allow you to see UI-editing windows together with code. Which would be so nice to several monitor configs.

So it seems we only need to make everything as DockWindget and here we are ... as comfortable as photoshop.

> , and also makes certain UI design decisions at least harder).
Or may be easier ... as soon as any user can layout everything the way he want ... so you don't care about usability
for every dev and every case.

> I’m sure that the evolution will
> continue (it currently continues with the merged Debug + Analyze
> mode and hopefully better sharing of dock widgets for these in 4.x).
Modes is bad if they restrict you from showing some info. For me it seems that modes need to be configurable as user wants.
And it seems easy to underastand how ... you have like total list of all panels and in any mode you can show every panel you need.

Evolution of many IDE's brought them to "DockWidget-everything". And it is clear why.
Tons of usability questions disappear from IDE devs became users do layouting.

> (Just as a side note: QMainWindow+DockWidget does also not solve
> ripping out the editor window, because of QMainWindow’s design with a unmovable central widget.)
OK ... we do not need to. Code text editing can be central widget. And everything else - Dockable.
This whould not hurt anyone.

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