[Qt-creator] Why QtC does not use QDockWidget for most tool-panel

Prav pr12og2 at programist.ru
Sat Apr 9 11:42:35 CEST 2016

Hi, André.

>> Discussion is not for total guarantee ... its about lowering the
>> risks. I thinks we need answers to these:
>> 1. Community see and agree that the feature will improve usablity in
>> several use-cases. Real cases ... not imaginary one or "feelings"

>> 2. Community see and agree that this better usability is needed for
>> QtC

>> 3. People express precise difficulties they see if feature will be
>> decided for implemention

> Attempting to lower the risk is the right approach.

> But for that there needs at some time at least a proof-of-concept implementation.
Why? DockedWindows already exist in QtC. So its clear how it will look and feel.
So Questions 1 and 2 are ready for answers.
Ziller Eike also gave his ideas to Question 3.

So where do you see reason to implement anything to share answers to these 3 quesitons.

> > If some computer program will write this then your right ... only
> > resulting code is important ...  but for humans wasted resources
> > counts.

> Overlong discussion is a waste of human resources, too.

Agree. Discussion should be like no more than ~1/10 of feature coding work time. But if Hunger Tobias thinks it is like months ...
why not to wait couple weeks for people to share their ideas?

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