[Qt-creator] Looking for Enums with Locator

Prav pr12og2 at programist.ru
Thu Apr 14 23:32:37 CEST 2016

Hi, Tobias Hunger.

>> Is there somewhere list of bugs planed for fixing for nearest versions of QtC?  May be in JIRA itself?
> Nope.
> There is JIRA, which has all known bugs and feature requests. We will try to
> process them in a timely manner based on priority and other factors.
> In my experience it is really hard to do mid- and long-term planning in an open
> source project with lots of volunteer contributors like Qt and Qt Creator is.
> Contributors come and go, fix small issues here and there, add new functionality
> or even implement whole plugins.
Ok,  I understand about long terms. And I am asking not about volunteers (they are unpredictable ... I can understand that)
What about short terms? Like how to get to the point of next QtC release.
There probably have to be list of bugs which were decided to be fixed before saying that next release is ready.

Or this is like "in three months there will be next release". We will fix as many bugs as we can and will call this - "the next release".
But also in this case there should be priority list of bugs to grab from top of (if developer finished fixing his current bug).

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