[Qt-creator] Best way to integrate the Nim compiler settings

Tobias Hunger Tobias.Hunger at qt.io
Tue Dec 6 16:27:03 CET 2016

Hi Filippo,

I hope I won't appear to clueless, but I still have never used nim:-)

On Mon, 2016-12-05 at 23:49 +0100, Filippo Cucchetto wrote:
> i would like to integrate the Nim compiler inside the QtCreator Kit. This
> should fix how the compiler is found (right now we assume that Nim is in
> the $PATH variable).
> I quickly skimmed through the code base and basically i see two
> possibilities each one with its pros and cons.
> 1) Modify the ProjectExplorer::Toolchain for adding Nim to the Languages
> 2) Add a new OptionPage inside the "Build&Run" menu like the CMake plugin
> do
> 3) Add a new OptionPage inside the "Nim" menu (where right now the user can
> configure the coding style).

I would think the best approach would be to extend ProjectExplorer::ToolChain.

But ideally we would enable plugins to register new languages for toolchains.

Should not be too hard to add:-)

> My need is:
> 1) Give the user the possibility to set the Nim compiler path

That should be fine to do in the toolchain page.

> 2) As a bonus i would like to integrate the Nim defacto build tool
> "Nimble". Maybe this could be configured in the same page.

How is nimble connected to a nim compiler? Are they connected?

> 3) In the future add the possibility to set the "NimSuggest" tool path

What is that?

Best Regards,

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