[Qt-creator] Small feature requests

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Fri Jan 8 15:45:33 CET 2016

I heavily use the search feature, I've got 2 comments:
1. Edit: Find/Replace: Advanced Find: Project: "XXX"
This is a lot of navigation. CMD-SHift-F is nice. But when I forget the key sequence, I often find myself looking under Edit: Advanced. I'm not sure what to ask for, this is just feedback. Maybe place a find menu under there so I'm never wrong? Or integrate the Advanced Find into the normal Find?

2. Once at the Find panel, the search results could be made a lot better with a few tweaks:
In the result header:
- [Search Again] should be called "Repeat Search",
- Add another button "New search" that takes you to the new Search panel (as opposed to selecting it from the "History:" Combo, which is not intuitive. 
- Add a checkbox "Expand Results" that if previously checked or on check, expands the results. If not checked or unchecked, collapses the results.

With regard to F1 help when on a class, method, property, etcetera, the help sometimes does not find what it's looking for. For example in QML, "parent.horiz|ontalCenter" ( pipe is cursor location) won't find Item.anchors.horizontalCenter. Is this a logic thing, or just insufficient indexing?

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