[Qt-creator] Small feature requests

Hunger Tobias Tobias.Hunger at theqtcompany.com
Mon Jan 11 10:50:20 CET 2016

Hi Jason,

thank you for taking the time to provide feedback! That is very much

The best method to do so is to just file feature requests in the bug tracker.
Things reported here tend to get lost as new mails come in and push the mail
asking for something down. In the bug tracker the request stays visible to the
developers at all times:-)

On Fr, 2016-01-08 at 15:45 +0100, Jason H wrote:
> I heavily use the search feature, I've got 2 comments:
> 1. Edit: Find/Replace: Advanced Find: Project: "XXX"
> This is a lot of navigation. CMD-SHift-F is nice. But when I forget the key
> sequence, I often find myself looking under Edit: Advanced. I'm not sure what
> to ask for, this is just feedback. Maybe place a find menu under there so I'm
> never wrong? Or integrate the Advanced Find into the normal Find?

So you think this should be moved? I never looked for this functionality in the
menus since I always use the keyboard shortcut.

> 2. Once at the Find panel, the search results could be made a lot better with
> a few tweaks:
> In the result header:
> - [Search Again] should be called "Repeat Search",

I think that makes sense. Eike, Leena: What is your take on this?

> - Add another button "New search" that takes you to the new Search panel (as
> opposed to selecting it from the "History:" Combo, which is not intuitive. 

I have no opinion here. I was not even aware that you could trigger a new search
from the history dropdown. Keyboard shortcut user...

> - Add a checkbox "Expand Results" that if previously checked or on check,
> expands the results. If not checked or unchecked, collapses the results.

That is what the little folder icon in the top bar does (The one left of
"History:"). Is that what you are asking for?

> With regard to F1 help when on a class, method, property, etcetera, the help
> sometimes does not find what it's looking for. For example in QML,
> "parent.horiz|ontalCenter" ( pipe is cursor location) won't find
> Item.anchors.horizontalCenter. Is this a logic thing, or just insufficient
> indexing?

I'd call that a bug.

Best Regards,

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