[Qt-creator] Parse macro arguments for Spell Checking

Carel Combrink carel.combrink at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 21:20:17 CET 2016


In an attempt to handle macros correctly from my SpellChecker plugin I need
to get the arguments from functionLike() macros to check for string

So I have the following code that obtains the MacroUse from the

        QList<CPlusPlus::Document::MacroUse> macroUse = docPtr->macroUses();

        for(const CPlusPlus::Document::MacroUse& mac: macroUse) {

            const CPlusPlus::Macro& macro = mac.macro();

            qDebug() << "Name            : " << macro.nameToQString();

            qDebug() << "isFunctionLike(): " << mac.isFunctionLike();

            qDebug() << "beginLine()     : " << mac.beginLine();

            const QVector<CPlusPlus::Document::Block>& args = mac.arguments();

            qDebug() << "Arguments:      : " << args.count();

            for(const CPlusPlus::Document::Block& block: args) {

                qDebug() << "bytesBegin" << block.bytesBegin();

                qDebug() << "bytesEnd" << block.bytesEnd();

                qDebug() << "Bytes Diff: " << block.bytesEnd() -

                qDebug() << "utf16charsBegin" << block.utf16charsBegin();

                qDebug() << "utf16charsEnd" << block.utf16charsEnd();

                qDebug() << "UTF Diff: " << block.utf16charsEnd() -



What I am struggling with is to get the argument before the macro is
Say I have the following on line 46:

QString stringLiteral = QStringLiteral("A String Literal wirth spellig

The above code prints out:

Name : "QStringLiteral"

isFunctionLike(): true

beginLine() : 46

Arguments: : 1

bytesBegin 1894

bytesEnd 1935

Bytes Diff: 41

utf16charsBegin 1893

utf16charsEnd 1934

UTF Diff: 41

>From the above I see that I get the correct Macro, with the correct number
of arguments and the length of the argument is correct.

Now the issue: How do I get the actual argument: "A String Literal wirth
spellig mistakes"

If I can get the argument, the plan is to extract string literals (text in
between "") and then spell check that text.
The second thing I will then need to do is to underline any spelling
mistakes, so I would need to get the line and column number if possible, of
the misspelled word before expanded.

In a previous discussion about this issue on the mailing list last year (
I got something working for QStringLiteral, but the issue was that other
macros would break down, such as the __FILE__ macro. Thus I am revisiting
the issue and hopefully can get it resolved for all macros with arguments.
In the referenced discussion a user (Typz) suggested to run the fast
preprocessor before parsing strings, but I have no idea how to do this
(correctly) if this is the recommended approach above what I am attempting

Any help will be much appreciated. If I get this sorted out I want to start
investigating the possibility of integrating my plugin with QtCreator.

PS: The above code is still for QtC 3.6. Also I am using QStringLiteral as
the example since that is the most used macro in these circumstances, but
the same should apply for any macro, even custom ones defined in the

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