[Qt-creator] Can't build a QBS project with QtCreator

Yaroslav Kishchenko yaroslavkishchenko at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 03:46:11 CET 2016

Hi guys, looking for help with qbs and qt creator. Can't build any project,
even generated by qt creator itself. The reason it cannot find
"qbs.Enviroment". But when I copy paste equivalent command line from
project settings, it works.

I've got the following programs versions.
Qt Creator 3.5.0 based on Qt 5.4.2
QbsProjectManager 3.5.0 QBS support.
qbs version - 1.5.0
All programs are installed using standard packet manager in kubuntu 15.10.

The equalent comand line, generated by qt creator (but works only in
console) is

/usr/bin/qbs build -d /home/yaroslav/workspace/test/build-Debug -f
/home/yaroslav/workspace/test/test.qbs --settings-dir
/home/yaroslav/.config/QtProject/qtcreator --jobs 4 debug

And finally issue, which prevent qt creator from parsing qbs file.
/usr/share/qbs/modules/qbs/common.qbs:32: error: import qbs.Environment not

Also I am interesting in forcing qt creator to use default qbs profile, but
it is optional.
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