[Qt-creator] Alternative / secondary keyboard shortcuts

Juan Navarro oneorjuan at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 13:27:12 CEST 2016


All my coworkers use the default keyboard shortcut for the
"UnCommentSelection" (Toggle Comment Selection) command, which is "Ctrl+/".
However, I'm used to do this same operation with Ctrl+D, which is easier
and can be done with just one hand.

Sometimes we do pair programming where either of us has the keyboard, and
its very annoying for each one of us to find out that this keyboard
shortcut is set up the other way around.

I tried to find out whether it is possible to define alternative or
secondary keyboard shortcuts, which seems to be common in several other
tools that I've used in the past. However Qt Creator doesn't have an
obvious way to do this.

If it's not possible at all, then I'd like to submit a feature request, but
before its better to ask here.

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