[Qt-creator] Autocomplete oddities

Murphy, Sean smurphy at walbro.com
Wed May 18 16:50:42 CEST 2016

>>>> Issue #1
>>>> When typing the example line, I type up to the first ‘&’ and get the
>>>> following. I know at some point in the past, as soon as I’d type the ‘&’
>>>> autocomplete would suggest that I want to type “MainWindow” next,
>>>> but that no longer happens.
>>> I think there is a difference how this currently is handled in the
>>> completion for the built-in code model and the Clang code model.
>>> Please note that in 4.0 Qt Creator automatically uses the Clang code
>>> model if the plugin is turned on (it is off by default), can you please check if you
>>> have, and if going back to built-in restores the behavior that you are used to?
>> I think the ClangCodeModel plugin is off?
> Looks like it.

I went back and tested this issue against all of the versions of Qt Creator I
have installed here and came up with these results:
3.2.2 doesn't work
3.4.1 works correctly
3.4.2 works correctly
3.6.1 works correctly
4.0.0 doesn't work
4.0.1 (18-May-2016 snapshot) doesn't work

Not sure how helpful that is, but at least it's more data. I'd be happy to 
create a bug report if it's an issue others are seeing?


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