[Qt-creator] Feature branch request: Fossil SCM integration plugin

Artur Shepilko nomadbyte at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 00:07:39 CET 2016

Hello everybody,

Would like to request a new feature branch (wip/fossil-scm) for a VCS
plugin which integrates Fossil SCM (http://fossil-scm.org) into
QtCreator. Also ready to push for review a Fossil plugin

The Fossil plugin implementation was adapted from Bazaar plugin.
We've been using the plugin internally for some time with different
QtCreator versions and recently released it publicly. But it would
make it more practical and accessible if it were available directly
from QtCreator releases.

Most recent released version it was adapted for is QtCreator-4.1.0.
Currently released Fossil plugin code (MIT license) is at:

For the requested wip/fossil-scm branch the Fossil plugin code was
adapted so it builds with current QtCreator master branch

Also the copyright was changed to QtCreator's standard version
(LICENSE.GPL3-EXCEPT), again similar to Bazaar plugin.

Please advise how to proceed to push it into wip/fossil-scm or other
branch for the review.


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