[Qt-creator] Adjusting colors in one of the Themes

David Schulz david.schulz at qt.io
Tue Nov 29 09:31:53 CET 2016

Hi Mike,

the color of the scrollbar highlights can be adjusted in the 
*.creatortheme files by changing the *_TextMarkColor and 
*_ScrollBarColor entries.


On 28-Nov-16 16:40, Mike Jackson wrote:
> I need to adjust the colors of the editor scrollbars in QtCreator as 
> the contrast between the scrollbar background and the scrollbar 
> "handle" is so light as to be indistinguishable for my "old" eyes to 
> see. I thought I had done this once before but maybe it was on Linux 
> and I just changed EVERY scrollbar in Unity. This is on Windows with 
> the latest QtCreator 4.1 or 4.2. I found the .qtcreatortheme file 
> which looks to be just a .ini formatted file. Looked through it but 
> did not find anything that jumped out at me as beings specifically for 
> scrollbar colors.
> Thanks for any help
> -- 
> Mike Jackson
> BlueQuartz Software
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