[Qt-creator] QtCreator quick save mode?

Henry Skoglund fromqt at tungware.se
Tue Sep 27 10:42:03 CEST 2016

Hi, thanks Kai but I instead "upgraded" to Windows 7. Qt Creator works 
excellent now on my PC. If it also could make the coffee for me I would 
be even happier, but I guess you cannot have everything :-)

Rgrds Henry

On 2016-09-27 09:28, Kai Koehne wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: [Qt-creator] QtCreator quick save mode?
>> Ctrl-S in Qt Creator works fine for me on Windows XP, Windows 7, MacOS or
>> Ubuntu but on Windows 10 some .exe called MsMpEng.exe starts running
>> every time I hit ctrl-S, perhaps you have the same problem?
> MsMpEng is Windows Defender (built-in Antivirus scanner from Microsoft).
> If your company policy allows it, you should consider adding your development
> folder as an "exclusion" in the Windows Defender Settings.
> Regards
> Kai

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