[Qt-creator] Qt Creator Sharing Project Configurations

Sanchez, Jack jsanche1 at jaguarlandrover.com
Wed Sep 28 06:04:22 CEST 2016

Hi all,

I have been looking into sharing specific build and run configurations with
my team agnostic of the kit. I have found the documentation which suggests
this is possible, but also seems to hint that this is for sharing across
personal projects rather than in a team environment. There are also many
stackoverflow, et. al., posts which ask the same question with no response
other than a pointer to the same Qt documentation I've already read.

This is a fairly common need and it seems unlikely to me that Qt Creator
does not support this.

Is there a way to build a kit which generates a common GUID and/or
assigning the GUID to a user's kit (git-hooks and scripts?) in order to
trick the system into reading these shared settings?

Any help is appreciated!


*Jack Sanchez*
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