[Qt-creator] See console output in AutoTest plugin?

Christian Stenger Christian.Stenger at qt.io
Mon Apr 24 07:46:48 CEST 2017


Yes, it's planned to show console output (simultaneously or at least be able to switch between 'visual' and textual representation, still a bit unsure how to integrate this) So far, this had not been high priority, but I agree this could help to sort out problems that aren't handled inside the plugin.

Not sure whether it might help (especially in combination with ASAN), but you could try to debug the respective test (make sure you have disabled QtTest's crash handler inside the settings of the AutoTest plugin)

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I'm testing AutoTest plugin in QtC 4.2.2. Works great and it's so easy to use, many thanks for adding it!

I have onequestion/ suggestion: is it possible (or do you plan to make it possible) to show console output when running the tests? Esp. when a test fails?

When running unit tests (QtTest-based), I enable address sanitizer to catch more bugs earlier :-) However, if a test fails due to ASAN, the window with AutoTest results does not show it - I get info about tests that passed, then nothing about remaining tests - and more crucially, no information that the test case crashed/ aborted. It would be cool if the plugin showed some red fail mark and provided more info after clicking on it.


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