[Qt-creator] Qt Creator beautifier plugin vs. built-in code style

Nikolai Kosjar nikolai.kosjar at qt.io
Tue Aug 22 15:44:03 CEST 2017

On 08/22/2017 03:33 PM, Andy wrote:
> Cool - thanks Eike!
> Is there a way to turn that on per-project? I don't see anything in the 
> project settings for that. Aside from my own work, I work on several 
> open-source projects and switch back-and-forth frequently. Unfortunately 
> I'm not in a position to force them to use the One True Format...
> Another suggestion - it would be very useful to be able to read the 
> clang-format config per-project from a file (".clang-format.cfg?"). 
> (Does this already exist too?) This would help avoid misconfiguration 
> when several developers are on the same codebase.

Menu: Tools > Options > Beautifier > Clang Format:
	Use predefined style: File

This will search for e.g. .clang-format in the parent directories.


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