[Qt-creator] Autocompletion and dirty files

Filippo Cucchetto filippocucchetto at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 01:19:14 CET 2017

Hi all i'm working on the autocompletion feature of Nim and i would like to
know if is there any support for a dirty files: a file whose content is the
actual texteditor content (so it has the original file content plus the
unsaved changes). I know that it's not necessary to have this feature for
implementing autocompletion for most of the plugins (and implementations)
but that's how NimSuggest (for Nim) or racer (for Rust) work (AFAIK). Maybe
this feature is already implemented for supporting backup if the IDE exit
unexpectedly and i can exploit for my own needs :)
Otherwise i will have to implement it by saving somewhere the actual
content of the editor QTextDocument.

Filippo Cucchetto
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