[Qt-creator] Suggestions for "New File or Project" dialog

Алексей Скородумов 2350266 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 11:08:14 CET 2017


I have some ideas for "New File or Project" dialog:

1. I would be nice to have "Library" template in "Non-Qt Project", because
that is a rather typical use case.
2. All wizards in "Project" don't have step for selecting build system,
(unlike "Non-Qt Project" where it is possible to make a choice between qmake,
cmake and qbs).
3. May be it would be a bit more logical to have "Non-Qt Project" on the
same level as "Projects" and  "Projects" renamed to "Qt Projects":

   1. Qt Projects
      1. Application
      2. Library
      3. Other Projects
      2. Non-Qt Projects
      1. Application
      2. Library
   3. Import Project
   4. Files and Class
      1. ....

Kind regards,
Aleksei Skorodumov
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