[Qt-creator] Plugin development - Anubis language support

Larrieu JeremY adrenalinedj at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 07:12:37 CET 2017


Currently, I'm developing a plugin to support a "new" language in
qtcreator: Anubis (FR https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anubis_(langage)).

I've already developed the part to support project files and i need some
help for the "Build & run" part.

Anubis works with a compiler (called anubis) and a virtual machine (called
I've tried to use BuildConfigurations (IBuildConfigurationFactory, ...) but
it refers to kits which seems to not fit the need.
Kits refers to compiler like gcc and several options that are not relevatnt
to the Anubis environment.

So, I planned to add a page in the options dialog to manage the Anubis
environments: several versions of the environment can exist on the same
machine (each have a seperate folder).
And an option page in the project options near the "Build & run" page.
But, I don't see how I can make the "Build" (ctrl+b) or the "Run" (green
play button) triggers the Anubis compiler or vm.

Could you help me, please ?

Best regards.

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