[Qt-creator] Plugin development - Anubis language support

Tobias Hunger Tobias.Hunger at qt.io
Thu Feb 23 13:06:51 CET 2017

Hi Larrieu,

sorry for taking so long to reply!

On Tue, 2017-02-21 at 07:12 +0100, Larrieu JeremY wrote:
> Currently, I'm developing a plugin to support a "new" language in
> qtcreator: Anubis (FR https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anubis_(langage)).
> I've already developed the part to support project files and i need some
> help for the "Build & run" part.
> Anubis works with a compiler (called anubis) and a virtual machine (called
> anbexec).
> I've tried to use BuildConfigurations (IBuildConfigurationFactory, ...) but
> it refers to kits which seems to not fit the need.
> Kits refers to compiler like gcc and several options that are not relevatnt
> to the Anubis environment.

The NimPlugin is probably something you can use as a rough guideline.

It is still pretty simple, but already registers Nim as a supported programming
language, enables Nim compilers in the Kits and does build and run Nim programs.

> So, I planned to add a page in the options dialog to manage the Anubis
> environments: several versions of the environment can exist on the same
> machine (each have a seperate folder).
> And an option page in the project options near the "Build & run" page.
> But, I don't see how I can make the "Build" (ctrl+b) or the "Run" (green
> play button) triggers the Anubis compiler or vm.

You will need to provide Build- and RunConfigurations for that to work. You
might also need a RunControl to handle the actual process of running something.

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