[Qt-creator] CMake-Server (3.7.2) + QtCreator 4.3 Beta 1 Slowness (macOS)

Mike Jackson imikejackson at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 14:08:38 CET 2017

I have been using the nightlies for the last month (when available) and 
I have noticed a significant slowdown when using a CMake 3.7.x based 
project. Slow to the point where on macOS I am getting constant spinning 
beach balls when I try to open the project, navigate the code using 
"jump to symbol" or "Command-K" to look something up. The lookup is fast 
but actually opening the file causes a spinning beach ball. Code 
completion takes far longer than normal when the file is first opened. I 
am trying to get a spin dump to help narrow it down but just wanted to 
let the devs know what I am seeing.

Our project has about 2,300 compiled files plus as many header files.


Mike Jackson
BlueQuartz Software, LLC
[e]: mike.jackson at bluequartz.net

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