[Qt-creator] QtC 4.3 cmake-servermode feature - how to disable that?

mapron mapron at yandex.ru
Sun May 28 16:20:11 CEST 2017

I was happy user of QtC cmake support until update to 4.3.0 release. I 
have cmake 3.8 (and I don't want to downgrade to 3.6) for my project.

After cmake configuration, all project tree is messed up - instead of 
directory tree with multilevels, I have tons of targets, and 
pseudo-targets (with no files in list), no logical structure, It's 
awful! I hadn't find the way how to disable "servermode support", can 
you help me?

This is blocking me from upgrade to 4.3 release.

Some information: I have around 200 targets, *2 for cmake object 
libraries (i cant dissable that), plus 5 cmake targets for each app 
bundle (~15), It totally messed up! I don't want to see all that (or at 
lest have multiple level groups like MSVS generator does)

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