[Qt-creator] Time to update sdktool's README.

Tobias Hunger tobias.hunger at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 20:31:46 CEST 2017

On Sep 29, 2017 09:55, "Christian Gagneraud" <chgans at gmail.com> wrote:

>From my tests, i got different behaviours on an open source install
and an enterprise install.
For some reasons, the Enterprise sdktool updated
<SDK>/Tools/QtCreator/shared...., while the open source updated my
~/.config/QtProject/QtCreator/... Maybe it's my setup/env, but i'm
pretty sure it did hapenned.

Both flavors do exactly the same thing: Sdktool writes into
../shared/qtcreator/QtProject/. This directory is assumed to be read-only
after the installer is done, so all settings are mirrored into the user
configuration so that the user can store additional information about the

This is necessary since plugins can extend kits with their own information,
which the installer does not necessarily know about.

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