[Qt-creator] QtCreator support for Unreal Engine 4

Sander Smid sander.smid at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 20:01:41 CET 2018


I was wondering if QtCreator could see some improvements in supporting
third-party builds systems and/or integration with bigger projects. Unreal
Engine 4 is one of the biggest game engines and, when you agree with their
terms, you get access to the full source code. This helped quite a bit in
supporting other platforms.

One of the weaker points with this engine is that for each platform you
require to adapt to a another IDE or build process. Unreal uses their own
build system, which can generate projectfiles/-solutions for various other
build systems (e.g. CMake) and IDEs. If QtCreator could integrate better
with UE4 there would be a single IDE that works on all platforms.

The official UE4 docs[1] already mention QtCreator but if you take the time
to look at the steps the integration is very weak. Changing a build target,
variant or platform means changing the builds steps by hand. This is one of
the reasons people often recommend CodeLite for development on Linux
because that IDE allows you to switch target and variant by using the drop
down menus just like you would on Visual Studio.

Is if there is willingness to add UE4 support in QtCreator or are there
ways to improve the current integration?


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