[Qt-creator] clazy in 4.6.0-beta1 snapshot 1884

Ivan Donchevskii ivan.donchevskii at qt.io
Tue Feb 6 09:21:52 CET 2018


Options are disabled because they've become part of the code model configuration and are turned off by default.

So to be able to set clazy options in recent builds you need to create your own configuration (you can press Copy... button for example).

We are still thinking how to improve user experience with these settings so thank you for your feedback :) We will try to make settings more obvious.

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I just upgraded my Qt Creator 4.6 preview installation to snapshot 1884, and I cannot use the clazy integration anymore. The respective option in Options > C++ > Code Model > Clazy is disabled and I cannot change it.

Is this expected? Has clazy been removed again, or should I file a bug?


P.S.: It seems like recent snapshots are broken, they are called "...x86-%GLOBAL_VERSION_AND_TAG%_..." and cannot be downloaded.

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