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Also, keep in mind that the issues concern the Qt Installer Framework, which is independent from Qt Creator. You will have more success filing them for the QTIFW project. And maybe move the discussion to [interest], [development] or [releasing].


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You’re better off creating a bug report, as your suggestions will likely get buried here. If you post your suggestions, and *also* a link to the bug report, then you might get other uses who are interested to watch and vote for your suggestion.

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Usability suggestions:
When the maintenance tool is done it says "Click Done to exit the Qt Wizard" - however there's a button labelled "Restart" which is the default.
 - "Restart" is a very bad name for this button. I understand now that it means to restart the maintenance tool (which will proceed to download the manifest yet again - see previous email :-)) - but for most software installers, "Restart" means to restart the machine.
- It should not be the default button.

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