[Qt-creator] QtCreator 4.6.1 & Qt 5.10.1: android debugging is broken from Windows 10

Alexander Ivash elderorb at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 11:09:48 CEST 2018

Vikas, huge thanks! Stupid Android Studio interference was really the
issue! Interestingly I had it launched on both my environments... :)
Anyway, such an information really deserves getting into the
documentation, or even better into huge popup window appearing right
from QtCreator.

Regards, Alexander

ср, 18 июл. 2018 г. в 8:46, Vikas Pachdha <vikas.pachdha at qt.io>:
> Hi Alexander,
> It seems you are running Android studio in parallel. (output window “Igonoring second debugger – accepting and dropping”)
> Close android studio and retry. As of now Qt Creator can’t debug Android when a debug connection is active from Android studio.
> Regards,
> Vikas Pachdha.
> On 17.07.18, 17:54, "Qt-creator on behalf of Alexander Ivash" <qt-creator-bounces+vikas.pachdha=qt.io at qt-project.org on behalf of elderorb at gmail.com> wrote:
>     Before submitting bug just wanted to check if it works for other
>     people... Just to clarify, I've tried couple environments, x86 vs arm,
>     real arm vs emulator - all the same: on device I see 'waiting for
>     debugger' and a host - timeout and prompt to wait more.. Just in case
>     attached debugger's log from QtCreator.
>     If this is known issue, what is the last working version of QtCreator?
>     Regards, Alexander

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