[Qt-creator] Build/run/debug xcode projects (using xcodebuild)

Christoph Keller theoriginalgri at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 11:55:32 CEST 2018


when creating an iOS project with subdirs and libraries, qmake as called 
by QtCreator generates Makefiles for all subdirs/libraries and a xcode 
project for the "app" project.

For my case I need all files to be xcode projects, so I configure the 
"qmake"-step with additional parameters "-spec macx-xcode -recursive". 
For some reason there's no way to stop QtCreator from adding "&& make 
qmake_all". So it fails since there's no Makefile.

Furthermore I removed the "make" step and added an "xcodebuild" 
(IosBuildStep), but QtCreator does not accept this as "make" step and 
fails building with the following message:

11:31:19: Could not determine which "make" command to run. Check the 
"make" step in the build configuration.

Error while building/deploying project library (kit: Qt 5.10.1 for iOS)

When executing step "qmake"

Therefore I can’t build/run/debug via QtCreator and I have to use XCode 
for these tasks - which I do not prefer. Is there some way to get this 
configuration working?

Thank you,

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