[Qt-creator] Announcement: New UI Git plugin for QtCreator

Francesc Martinez francescmm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 10:00:41 CET 2019

Hi all,

Today I've announced in the Planet that I've released a plugin to integrate
Git in QtCreator. I know that a long while ago there was someone asking to
integrate one of the Qt Git apps into the IDE and I'm confident to said
that this is done. And with GPLv2 license, of course!

I've you have not seen the post in the planet you can find it here:

In addition, you can download the plugin directly from GitHub:

I've compiled and tested it in Windows and Linux (main OS).

I'll be happy if you can provide feedback about improvements, fixes, etc.

I hope you don't see this as pure spam since I just want to give back
something to the Qt community after all this years of learning.

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