[Qt-creator] Qt Creator 4.11 frequently becomes non-responsive

Adam Light aclight at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 14:38:51 CET 2019


I'm using Qt Creator 4.11.0 on Windows 10. This is the official 64-bit

I'm frequently encountering Creator become non-responsive for many seconds,
even into minutes. The OS adds "Not Responding" to the title bar and the
mouse cursor turns into the spinning blue ring.

I have disabled the ClangCodeModel plugin (and restarted) because in our
experience that plugin tends to impact performance. But things are still
very sluggish. Even if Qt is responding, it can take a minute for syntax
highlighting of a small file to appear, sometimes opening a small file
takes a very long time, etc.

I collected some traces of a recent non-responsive event with xperf and it
looks like something deep within CPlusPlus4.dll is taking all of the time,
but I don't have .pdb files for Creator to analyze further.

Is it possible to get PDB files for the official Creator builds? Does the
Qt company have a symbols server?

A colleague has complained to me of similar problems with the same project
on Windows but he's using Creator 4.10.2. So I'm not sure if this is
something new to 4.11 or if I'm just seeing it for the first time on this

Thanks for any suggestions about what might be going wrong or how to get

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