[Qt-creator] 4.9 beta "close project" feature

mapron mapron at yandex.ru
Mon Mar 25 13:46:07 CET 2019

I open project to use some files from it. I don't want to appear files 
in locator, if i working on 5 projects, all files will be in a search, 
which is annoying.

Also, code mode is overwhelming with huge files count, it just works 
faster when only one project is opened (and you don't see usages from 
closed project when using "find references" on common header file).

So, I open proejct, find file in locator, add  to pend files, then just 
want to close project and use file in split view to compare some code.

I almost always have some non-project files kept open, so new "feature" 
is really annoying.

After discussion, I filed a task: 
https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-22198. Would be nice if it 
fixed in some 4.9.x bugfix branch :)

On 21.03.2019 21:49, Jason H wrote:
>> I just have tried 4.9.beta 2 build and I noticed very annoying feature:
>> When you close project, ALL your open files are closed too! It is awful!
>> I found that it was done in
>> https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-15721
>> Why anyone decided it is a good change?  I don't want to close all my files.
>> My scenario:
>> - open project
>> - open some files , work-work;
>> - create some commits an a branch
>> - after work is done, I need to rebase my branch. So I close Qt Creator
>> project, do rebase and open it again. I usually still have all my files
>> opened!
> I was one person who requested this feature, but it may not be working right? It shouldn't close _all_ the files, just the files of the project that is being closed. If I multiple projects loaded (I usually do) I don't want all my files closed anytime I close one of the projects.
>  From the .pro being closed, SOURCES,HEADERS,RESOURCES,DISTFILES should be closed.
> If you need to edit the files of a project after the project is closed, why close the project?

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