[Qt-creator] Clang code model issues

Julius Bullinger julius.bullinger at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 14:34:53 CET 2019

On 08.02.2019 12:02, Nikolai Kosjar wrote:
> Hi!
> I've started to write inline comments (see below), but it got quite
> confusing. Here is the summary.
> I see these main issues from all your references:
> 1) Several parse issues on or related to Windows.
>     ==> We've changed the internal clang command line and this might fix
> some issues related to parsing. At least it fixed several things on
> Linux, like parsing some boost headers or parsing with _GNU_SOURCE. The
> best you can do now is to provide feedback to the reports with current
> 4.9 snapshots. Qt Creator 4.9 release is scheduled for start of April.
> 2) Parse issues related to _GNU_SOURCE.
>      ==> Fixed in Qt Creator 4.9.
> 3) Generic project and the inability to specify extra flags like
> language version.
>      ==> Fixed in Qt Creator 4.9.
> 4) For a problematic #include, following #includes are not considered.
>      ==> I will look into it.
> Nikolai

I wanted to say thanks and congratulations for the changes to the clang 
code model up until 4.9-rc1. I tested it quite intensively in the last 
days, and it seems like most of the reported issues have been fixed. 
It's still a tad slow on Windows, but 4.9-rc1 is the first version in 
which the CCM works at least as good as the old codel model.

So thanks, Nikolai and Ivan especially, for your patience and hard work 
trying to fix the reported issues. It's really appreciated!

Best regards,

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