[Qt-creator] Clang code model issues

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Wed Mar 27 15:24:49 CET 2019

> I wonder how slow "a tad slow on Windows" is?
> I recently did some speed measurements on Windows
> https://cristianadam.eu/20190318/speeding-up-libclang-on-windows/
> I don't know if the 4.9-rc1 has fixed the Windows missing code model
> debug messages, which you could use to find out how slow it is.
> Qt Creator is saving the clang code model internal files in %temp%.
> I noticed a speed bump if I used a ram drive to have the %temp% directory
> saved
> in memory, just like you would have on Linux with /tmp.

Something like this might be affected by having a virus scanner installed. Installing sophos increased my IPA signing from 5 mind to 26 minutes. Some efforts were made to adjust the scanner policy for xcode, but we never got below 25 minutes.

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