[Qt-creator] Unwanted interactions on selecting breakpoints

Kuiper, Luuk luuk.kuiper at saabgroup.com
Thu May 2 10:52:50 CEST 2019

Until recently I used version 3.0.1 of QtCreator.

When I clicked on a breakpoint in the list of breakpoints, the breakpoint in the list was highlighted. Pressing the delete button removed the breakpoint from the list. It was also possible to select more than one break point by using the shift or control key.

Now I am using version 4.2.0.

As soon as I click on a breakpoint, the cursor is moved to edit window to the line on which the breakpoint is placed. Pressing the delete button to delete the breakpoint does not delete the breakpoint anymore, but the character on the which the cursor is placed in the editor. Hence, my code is changed.
Trying to select more than one breakpoint results even in changing the active file in the editor window.

Some questions:

1.       Is there a rationality to jump to the editor page? Double click would do the trick, wasn't it?

2.       Is there a (configuration) way to switch back to the 'old' way of working with the debugger list?

If this is the way to go, I like to express that I don't like this change.

Luuk Kuiper
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