[Qt-creator] JSON wizard: build systems and sub-projects

Eike Ziller Eike.Ziller at qt.io
Mon May 13 08:46:18 CEST 2019

> On 13. May 2019, at 03:03, Christian Gagneraud <chgans at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 13 May 2019 at 10:38, Christian Gagneraud <chgans at gmail.com> wrote:
>> One last comments, sorry to sound negative, but currently all project
>> templates are a massive pile of copy/paste, with complex and error
>> prone macro/javascript expressions.
>> That is clearly a sign that something is "far from ideal".
>> I'm not moaning or anything, i'm really just trying to help this
>> wizard thing going. I can't wait to be able to do with qbs/cmake what
>> i can currently do only with qmake.
> <RandomIdea>
> I'm sure i'm not the first one to think that the wizard could use
> python instead of JSON.
> I guess the idea with JSON was to have something declarative (and
> decoupled from QtC internal?), but the introduction of macro and
> javascript shows that there is a need for logic too.
> Python could help here.
> </RandomIdea>

- I like that there is a lot of declarativity (is that a word) in the wizards.
- I don’t particularly like the way JavaScript is integrated for logic in there, especially the “string vs JavaScript value vs JSON value” conversions.
- Integrating Python scripting into a C++ application is pretty messy, even with the availability of Qt for Python. We experimented with that for Python based plugins https://code.qt.io/cgit/qt-creator/plugin-pythonextensions.git/ . I don’t think I would want that kind of requirement (building against Python) for something as basic and essential as wizards.

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