[Qt-creator] Qt Creator 4.13 & clazy-standalone

Eike Ziller Eike.Ziller at qt.io
Fri Aug 28 07:46:33 CEST 2020

> On Aug 28, 2020, at 00:59, Andy <asmaloney at gmail.com> wrote:
> On macOS 10.14.6, when I bring up the Preferences (Analyzer->Clang Tools) I'm getting this in the console:
> The command "/Users/maloney/dev/Trolltech/Qt-Release/Qt Creator.app/Contents/Resources/libexec/clang/bin/clazy-standalone -supported-checks-json dummy" terminated with exit code 1.
> LLVM ERROR: CommonOptionsParser: failed to parse command-line arguments. [CommonOptionsParser]: clazy-standalone: Unknown command line argument '-supported-checks-json'.  Try: '/Users/maloney/dev/Trolltech/Qt-Release/Qt Creator.app/Contents/Resources/libexec/clang/bin/clazy-standalone --help'
> clazy-standalone: Did you mean '--stats-json'?
> When I run the Qt Creator-included clazy I see these options do not exist (also tried with --help-list and --help-list-hidden):
> USAGE: clazy-standalone [options] <source0> [... <sourceN>]
> Generic Options:
>   --help                      - Display available options (--help-hidden for more)
>   --help-list                 - Display list of available options (--help-list-hidden for more)
>   --version                   - Display the version of this program
> Was Qt Creator 4.13 shipped with an incorrect clazy-standalone version?

Unfortunately clazy(-standalone) is broken on macOS when built with LLVM > 8. (We use LLVM10, since we want C++20 support.)
That’s an upstream issue. I’m currently investigating.

Br, Eike

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